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Re: A nomination for testsuite co-maintainers

Fernando Nasser wrote:

> testsuite               Fernando Nasser
>   config                Mark Salter   
>   lib                   Mark Salter   
>   gdbtk                 Keith Seitz   
>   mi tests              Elena Zannoni 
>   stabs tests           Elena Zannoni 
>   threads               Michael Snyder
>   trace                 Michael Snyder
>   hp tests (gdb.hp)     (vacant)
>   Java tests ( Anthony Green 

Sounds good.

> P.S.: Just a clarification: I do not have the power to delegate in whole
> of in part the maintainership (even of what I am maintainer of).  This
> is a nomination only, a suggestion for appreciation by the community,
> and any of this will only be valid after Andrew gives the word for
> people to add themselves to the MAINTAINERS file (the final part of our
> maintainers "initiation").

No. I delegate.  It is left to the community to object.

However, I do appreciate being kept in the loop before people are
approached.  That should avoid me going ``doh!'' :-)


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