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Re: GDB's remote protocol: My proposed extention

> Stephen Smith wrote:
> >
> > When reading chapter 13 of the gdb manual, the rcmd can be taken to mean one
> > of two things:
> >
> > 1)  a command sent from the host machine to the target machine for the GDB server/stub to
> > execute
> This one.  All (well ok almost all) packets are GDB->target->GDB.
>         Andrew

Ok, I have been poking around in the GDB code like you suggested and here is my proposal for changes in the remote.c

1)   Until this is working use an environment variable to turn on this feature * especially since I don't know how to do
it right - yet*

2)   Add a "qLibraries" general query.  This query would expect a response of the form "sharedLib1, address1;
sharedLib2, address2; sharedLib3, address3"

3)   For  each library/address pair in the return, call add_symbol_file_command() from symfile.c.
      Advantage is that this is a high level function and should be processor/coef/elf independent.

4)  Add a "qNewLibraries" general query which would return a `1` or a `0`.

What do you think?

BTW, I keep trying to get a copy of the GNU foundation copyright assignment document so that I can submit the patch when
I am done, haven't
heard a thing from them.  Any suggestions on that also?


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