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Re: Port to x86-64

Jiri Smid wrote:
>  Hello,
> My name is Jiri Smid and I work for SuSE CR.
> SuSE works on porting Linux to new 64-bit AMD processors.
> I will work on port GDB.

This is good, really good - you've raised the flag early!

I can note/suggest the following:

	o	get that assignment in order

		Remember, GDB can only accept the code
		if the copyright of the work is all
		in order.  It is best to start working
		on this one now so that you don't get
		hit with it at the end.

		Part of this is ensuring that all
		people contributing to your GDB have
		a valid assignment in place.

	o	submit the configury mess early

		even if you don't have real code
		could I suggest thinking about
		separating this out so that
		you can get on with the real

		This also avoids the age old
		problem of things going into
		a tail spin while people agree
		on the correct name :-)

	o	Your code will need to use
		the multi-arch framework.

	o	You should watch out for
		the GNU coding standard.
		As they say, no pain, no gain :-)

I also wonder if you actually need a separate CVS repository and
couldn't just live on a branch of the official GDB repository?  It
should make merging a lot easier.


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