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Re: Port to x86-64 (J.T. Conklin) writes:

> >>>>> "Jiri" == Jiri Smid <> writes:
> Jiri> My name is Jiri Smid and I work for SuSE CR.
> Jiri> SuSE works on porting Linux to new 64-bit AMD processors.
> Jiri> I will work on port GDB.
> Is there anything that you need from us?  

I think at this point not really, I'll guess that we'll contact you as
soon as we encounter specific problems.  

Btw. We will setup a separate CVS archive and use that for everything
and then merge to the mainline back.  Information about the x86-64
port is available at

> It's better to keep the GDB maintainers informed as much as possible
> when it comes to a new port, as it will make integration of the port
> into the master sources considerably easier.  I believe Andrew has a
> short list of requirements a new ports must adhere to before a port 
> can be integrated that you might want to familiarize yourself with
> before getting too far along.

If there's such a list, then please point us to it.  If there's any
other guidance you can give Jiri, that's warmly welcome.

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs

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