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Re: How do you use GDB to debug GDB

> One thing puzzles me, though: why is the section "Debugging GDB with
> itself" in gdbint.texinfo instead of gdb.texinfo?  Is there any reason
> not to move (or copy) it to gdb.texinfo?  Can some of the elders
> please shed some light on this?

To expand a little on Michael's comment.

gdbint.texinfo is for internals - the things you see when you lift the
bonnet (1) and start poking around with the engine.

gdb.texinfo is for the user - the external interfaces to GDB.  If anyone
has ever wondered why the remote protocol is documented in gdb.texinfo
and not gdbint.texinfo then this is it - it is an external interface to
gdb.  To get carried away with the car metaphore, its a bit like the
section of the manual which tries to explain how it is possible to
change a flat using just the spare and tools all hidden somewhere in the
boot (2).

As a complete asside, it has also been suggested that the two documents
be merged.  From memory GCC did this.


(1) Hood for the geographically impaired.
(2) Trunk for the geographically impaired.

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