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A nomination for testsuite co-maintainers

A few days ago I have suggested that Mark Salter be added as a
co-maintainer for the gdb/testsuite/{lib,config} subdirectories.

I would also like to propose that two of the senior GDB engineers who
are already maintainers of GDB code proper are added as co-maintainers
of a few subdirectories as well.  They would be co-maintainers of the
testsuite portions that correspond to the GDB parts that they are
maintainers of or which they have written themselves.

So, Michael Snyder would co-maintain gdb/testsuite/gdb.{threads,trace}
and Elena Zannoni would co-maintain gdb.{mi,stabs}.  You know them both,
so I guess I can skip the introductions.

In addition to that, Keith Seitz (one of the Insight maintainers) would
be able to co-maintain the gdb/gdb.gdbtk  (the testsuite for Insight). 
We would add it to the gdb/MAINTAINERS at least until the gdbtk stuff is
moved out of there (I am not sure what the final decision was on that).

So, if you agree, the entries in the MAINTAINERS file would read:

testsuite               Fernando Nasser
  config		Mark Salter
  lib			Mark Salter
  gdbtk			Keith Seitz
  mi tests		Elena Zannoni
  stabs tests		Elena Zannoni
  threads		Michael Snyder
  trace			Michael Snyder
  hp tests (gdb.hp)     (vacant)
  Java tests ( Anthony Green 

P.S.: Just a clarification: I do not have the power to delegate in whole
of in part the maintainership (even of what I am maintainer of).  This
is a nomination only, a suggestion for appreciation by the community,
and any of this will only be valid after Andrew gives the word for
people to add themselves to the MAINTAINERS file (the final part of our
maintainers "initiation").

Fernando Nasser
Red Hat Canada Ltd.                     E-Mail:
2323 Yonge Street, Suite #300
Toronto, Ontario   M4P 2C9

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