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Re: What to call a thread/cpu/?


Using "threads" for processors started as a hack and evolved to the
right thing (or is evolving).  One day we should be able to handle
several different kinds of "threads": processors, kernel threads,
user-level threads.

I suggest we add an attribute to the current "threads" (after renaming
it to something, lets say xcontext (for "execution context")):

enum xcontext_type possible values:

   processor  - a cpu in a multiprocessor
   kthread  -  a kernel level thread
   uthread  -  a user level thread
The distinction may be useful.


Andrew Cagney wrote:
> Hello,
> At present gdb has this thing called ``struct thread_info *''.  It
> *should* contains several key GDB data structures including:
>         o       debug state
>                 What GDB things it is doing
>                 to the thread - is it being
>                 stepped
>         o       target state
>                 registers, memory, all that suff
> (it doesn't but that is another story :-)
> The thing to realise is that GDB can be used to debug not only threads
> but also hardware CPUs.  Given that, the term ``thread'' is starting to
> struggle and is showing signs of being very overloaded.
> The question is, what internal name should GDB use when refering to a
> thread/cpu/... or should it just stick to thread?
> I've seen suggested/used:
>         state
>         context
>         thread
>         target
>         inferior
> You don't get to win a prise for comming up with the name but you do get
> the chance to be able to show GDB to your grand children and say ``hey I
> named that object'' :-)
>         Andrew

Fernando Nasser
Red Hat Canada Ltd.                     E-Mail:
2323 Yonge Street, Suite #300
Toronto, Ontario   M4P 2C9

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