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Re: Which version of gdb supports gcc 3.0 ABI?

> From: Daniel Berlin <>
> Date: 14 Mar 2001 22:35:09 -0500
> Having some good sense left, i'll just drop out of the discussion
> at this point and get back to work. But there are plently  of patches
> that  have nothing to do with C++, or even me.  It took a month to
> approve Jason Merrill's simple AUTO_MANGLING change (I know it sounds
> like a C++ fix, but it doesn't fall in my maintainership, so it's
> not), for instance. There are plently  of examples.
> > 
> > I won't go into great details about why there were problems with patch
> > acceptance but suffice it to say that not all of the problems were due
> > to the fact that GDB patch approval is (arguably) slow.
> And i'll leave this one alone. Suffice to say there are other problems
> as well, but they are mostly minor compared to patch approval time.

FWIW, I always had the GDB patches I posted as an RFA approved or
commented on in reasonable time (i.e. about a week).

In any case, a fork is not something people should consider easily,
just because someone's patch is not accepted quickly enough.

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