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Re: ia64 target?

On Mar 13,  5:51pm, Andrew Cagney wrote:

> What is a good ia64 target?  The maintainer file currently notes:
>         ia64            (--target=ia64-elf broken)
> if I try to configure that, nothing interesting happens (the GDB
> directory didn't appear to even be created).
> Could someone suggest a better generic ia64 target that can be used to
> build a cross debug ia64 GDB.

How about...


I've successfully done a configure and make with
--target=ia64-unknown-linux on the following hosts:


Of course, this only takes care of the build portion.  If you want to
(somehow) test the resulting gdb, you need to have access to an IA-64
machine running Linux or a simulator (running Linux).

See for info
on an IA-64 simulator.  (I did much of the initial development with an
i686-pc-linux-gnu cross ia64-unknown-linux GDB using HP's ski
simulator.  It is able to boot Linux and runs amazingly well.)

It may also be possible to use HP's NUE environment to do the testing
I have not tried this.


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