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Anyone looking at GDB PRs?

Michael Chastain has been doing a great job lately documenting errors
in the GDB and in the GDB test suite via the GNATS database on
Thank you, Michael!

Michael is only doing part one of the job, though.  I was just wondering
if anyone was looking at these bugs and if anyone was interested in
maybe knocking off a few.

I'm seeing quite a bit of activity with gcc volunteers now that gcc 3.0
has branched.  There has been a massive upswing in people requesting
GNATS accounts so that they can add comments to PRs and close them.
This is commendable.  Wouldn't it be nice if GDB volunteers would do
something similar?

If anyone here is interested in helping out, and you don't already have
a GNATS account (everybody in GDB/maintainers should have one), I'll be
happy to accomodate you.  We don't yet have a form for handling
GNATS-only accounts but we can make-do by going here:

Just fill out EVERY field on the form but put "GNATS only" in the field
that says "ssh".  Use my email address ( for
the "email address of who approved request" and use "gdb" as the

It may take a day or two to get an account but I'll try to process these
as quickly as possible.  Again, please don't skip a field.  Every field
is important and it is important that you use "gdb" as the name, not
"GDB", "gDb", "GDB Project", etc.

Again, if you are listed in the gdb/MAINTAINERS file you should already
have a GNATS account.  Email me if you don't know your password or if
you don't have an GNATS account and you do have CVS checkin authority
for gdb.


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