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Re: gdb Digest 5 Mar 2001 20:42:12 -0000 Issue 473


Both Project Builder and Insight offer a traditional GDB console as well 
as the GUI interface to gdb.  In the case of Insight, the thought was 
that once the GUI provided ALL the access that you could need to gdb's 
functionality it would go away.  In the case of PB, we have pretty 
strong feedback from our users that they REALLY like having the console 
there...  So we will need to provide some way to run console commands, 
WHILE using the MI as the communications channel between gdb & PB.  And 
the use of query is at present a problem which we still need to solve.

So while I agree that the design of the MI itself, and of the libgdb 
interface by extension - should avoid this kind of callback, I at least 
need to think some more about how to support the CLI over MI mode for 
the near future.  Tcl had the notion of service modes in its 
interpreter, so that you could modally re-enter the event loop looking 
for a particular bit of information, but not handling other types.  This 
was needed, for instance, to do things like wait for Window creation in 
Tk before you went on to do something with the window...  Maybe we could 
use this sort of notion to post & wait on the input channel without 
losing the local execution context?


On Monday, March 5, 2001, at 12:42 PM, gdb-digest- wrote:

> From conversations, I believe that the current thinking is that MI
> operations should be largely self contained - they should not involve
> things like call-backs.
> Comments?
> 	Andrew

Jim Ingham                         
Developer Tools - gdb
Apple Computer

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