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Angel and Insight


 I forward you the message I received from "Insight" support
regarding a problem I have with gdb and Angel (ARM monitor).
I also attach the log file I obtained running my simple test program
(it's just something similar to the typical "Hello World!")
hoping this can help you to solve my problem.
Thank a lot in advance,

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Date sent:      	Fri, 2 Mar 2001 11:49:26 -0600
From:           	Grant Edwards <>
To:             	Igor Trevisan <>
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Subject:        	Re: Angel and Insight

On Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 05:00:27PM +0100, Igor Trevisan wrote:

> I am using Insight on a Linux RedHad 7.0 machine, to debug a
> first test software I wrote for a CirrusLogic EP7212 with an
> ARM core. I connect the debugger to the Angel monitor (from
> ARM) I previously downloaded. Everything goes right a part for
> the fact that I can't see the output of the "printf" functions
> I used. If I use the Insight simulator for ARM instead, I can
> see the printf output on the Xterminal from which I launched
> the debugger. Can you please suggest me something to solve this
> problem?

I've never tried the "semi-hosting" feature w/ the RDI target
in gdb.  Enable the rdi logging feature in gdb

gdb> maint rdilog on

Then run your program, you should get an rdi.log file.  We can
look at that to see if the printf() output is being sent to gdb
by Angel.

BTW, I suspect this has nothing to do with Insight (the GUI)
and is either an Angel or gdb problem.  The gdb mailing list is
probably a better venue.

Grant Edwards

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