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Re: [multi-arch] The frame as the global parameter (long, important)

Jim Ingham wrote:

> This is probably a one-step-further, but since it seemed a natural
> extension to your ideas, and would be really cool (I know the Java folks
> here would kill for it, as I would have back when I was working on
> gdbtk) I thought I would mention it as a thing to keep in the back of
> your mind as you implement this...

Yes, good point.  I've definitly got that in the back of my mind as
possible ``further work'' :-)  JimB among others remind me of the same

I think the main thing to decide at this point is, does the change I
proposing in any way preclude this ``further work''?  From your e-mail I
gather that you don't see any problems :-)

The reason I'm trying to keep my proposal separate from idea's such as
yours is that I'd like to see it finished.  Hopefully someone else will,
independantly take on your proposal.

At a more wishy/washy level.  Have you considered viewing GDB as:

	 context - java
	        gdb - hardware

That is, a target that allows the debugging of the JVM might be
implemented using an GDB instance that understands how to access the raw

Again, I don't think my proposed change precludes this model.


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