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Re: Where is GDB going

Quality Quorum <> writes:

> If GNU is going to become a social engineering tool ..

It has been, since it was launched in 1984.  Check

> It was you idea to discuss this matter under this angle.

No, you were whining that the GPL 3.0 might be preventing you
from using Gdb, and complaining this would be wrong.

> I had 
> a very simple question I would like to be either firmly confirmed or 
> firmly denied. If I have i386-stub.c (which is public domain) linked with
> my evil-proprietary-system then it will be breach of GPL 3.0 to debug
> my evil-proprietary-system with GDB using GDB remote protocol.

This cannot be confirmed, since GPL 3.0 does not exist.

I would not worry about GPL 3.0.  It is a hypothetical problem.  Your
concern should be whether GPL 2.0 allows you to do what you need to
do; I believe it does.  If a future GPL 3.0 is too restrictive, you
always have the option of sticking with an older version of Gdb.
The GPL does allow you to create your own fork, if you want to,
from say Gdb 5.0.
	--Per Bothner

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