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Re: [Fwd: a small bug in the arm simulator]

(I wish...)

I think it would be nice to have swiīs working properly. I donīt know
if this really belongs to a source level simulator or not. 

Maybe it is not that much work to implement it. The different modes work
quite fine (more or less). I mentioned before that I can simulate swis and
interrupts manually. The simulator does provide the functionality already.
The steps I did to simulate a swi just have to be automated.

For hw interrupts could be applied the same. I can imagine an interrupt
button, which automatically executes the code from 0x18, set lr_irq and spsr.
That would be nice.


Am Fre, 23 Feb 2001 schrieben Sie:
> Hi Jens-Christian,
> > Well, I could launch arm-elf-gdb from gdb, BUT just for a while.
> > At the moment gdb hangs when pressening the run button to start
> > arm-elf-gdb. This happens also for a helloWorld c-program.
> Oh dear :-(
> > The bug in the sim is still located in this snapshot.
> > 
> > Unfortunatly, I am to clumsy at the std. gdb console (a stable version without
> > insight is installed an my system) Thatīs why I am compiling a different gdb
> > frontend called "ddd" which is hopefully a little more stable. Lesstif just
> > compiled fine and soon ddd will be compiled too (I hope). Unfortunately I donīt
> > have  administrator right on my machine, that would make thinks faster.
> May I suggest an old fashioned approach to debugging - printf
> statements.  This is how I debug the simulator.  I add in fprintf(stderr,"...
> calls at the places I am interested in, recompile GDB and then run it.
> Cheers
>         Nick

Jens-Christian Lache
Technische Universitaet Hamburg-Harburg

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