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Re: 5.1 release criteria

mumble, mumble, not my day, mumble
			GDB 5.1 - Fixes

Below is a list of problems identified during the GDB 5.0 release
cycle.  People hope to have these problems fixed in 5.1.


RFD: infrun.c: No bpstat_stop_status call after proceed over break?

GDB misses watchpoint triggers after proceeding over a breakpoint on
x86 targets.


x86 linux GDB and SIGALRM (???)

This problem has been fixed, but a regression test still needs to be
added to the testsuite:



Can't build IRIX -> arm GDB.

David Whedon writes:
> Now I'm building for an embedded arm target.  If there is a way of turning
> remote-rdi off, I couldn't find it. It looks like it gets built by default
> in gdb/configure.tgt(line 58) Anyway, the build dies in
> gdb/rdi-share/unixcomm.c.  SERPORT1 et. al. never get defined because we
> aren't one of the architectures supported.


Problem with weak functions

Dan Nicolaescu writes:
> It seems that gdb-4.95.1  does not display correctly the function when
> stoping in weak functions. 
> It stops in a function that is defined as weak, not in the function
> that is actually run... 


GDB 5.0 doesn't work on Linux/SPARC


Thread support.  Right now, as soon as a thread finishes and exits,
you're hosed.  This problem is reported once a week or so.


Wow, three bug reports for the same problem in one day!  We should
probably make fixing this a real priority :-).

Anyway, thanks for reporting.

The following patch will fix the problems with setting breakpoints in
dynamically loaded objects:

This patch isn't checked in yet (ping Michael/JimB), but I hope this
will be in the next GDB release.

There should really be a test in the testsuite for this problem, since
it keeps coming up :-(.  Any volunteers?



Re: GDB 5.0.1?

Is the Solaris 8 x86 problem fixed?  When you configure it, configure
incorrectly determines that I have no curses.h.  This causes mucho
compilation errors later on.

Simply editing the config.h to define CURSES_H fixes the problem, and
then the build works fine.

The status for this problem:

Solaris 8 x86 (PIII-560)
gcc 2.95.2

I had the same problem with several of the snapshots shortly before
5.0 became official, and 5.0 has the same problem.

I sent some mail in about it long ago, and never saw a reply.

I haven't had time to figure it out myself, especially since I get all
confused trying to figure out what configure does, I was happy to find
the workaround.



		GDB 5.1 - New features

The following new features should be included in 5.1.


Enable MI by default.  Old code can be deleted after 5.1 is out.


Pascal (Pierre Muller, David Taylor)

Pierre Muller has contributed patches for adding Pascal Language
support to GDB.

2 pascal language patches inserted in database

Indent -gnu ?


Java (Anthony Green, David Taylor)

Anthony Green has a number of Java patches that did not make it into
the 5.0 release.  The first two are in cvs now, but the third needs
some fixing up before it can go in.

Patch: java tests

Patch: java booleans

Patch: handle N_MAIN stab



Modify gdb to work correctly with Pascal.


Revised UDP support (was: Re: [Fwd: [patch] UDP transport support])

(Broken) support for GDB's remote protocol across UDP is to be
included in the follow-on release.

It should be noted that UDP can only work when the [Gg] packet fits in
a single UDP packet.

There is also much debate over the merit of this.


		GDB 5.1 - Cleanups

The following code cleanups will hopefully be applied to GDB 5.1.


Change documentation to GFDL license.

``It is time to make an effort to start using the GFDL more
thoroughly.  Would all GNU maintainers please change the license to
the GFDL, for all manuals and other major documentation files?

The GFDL and some instructions for using it can be found in''




Patches in the database.


Fix copyright notices.

Turns out that ``1998-2000'' isn't considered valid :-(



Eliminate all uses of PARAMS in GDB's source code.


printcmd.c (print_address_numeric):

NOTE: This assumes that the significant address information is kept in
the least significant bits of ADDR - the upper bits were either zero
or sign extended.  Should ADDRESS_TO_POINTER() or some
ADDRESS_TO_PRINTABLE() be used to do the conversion?


Compiler warnings.

Eliminate all warnings for at least one host/target for the flags:
-Wimplicit -Wreturn-type -Wcomment -Wtrigraphs -Wformat -Wparentheses
-Wpointer-arith -Wuninitialized


Follow through `make check' with --enable-shared.

When the srcware tree is configured with --enable-shared, the `expect'
program won't run properly.  Jim Wilson found out gdb has a local hack
to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but, AFAIK, no other project has been hacked


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