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Re: Does GDB suports mixed ARM_code (ARM+Thumb) debugging? wrote:

> Joel Brenner <> wrote:
> > does gdb 2.95.2 configured for arm-elf supports debuggin of objects
> > generated by linking together ARM-code (32 bit) and Thumb-code (16 bit)?
> GDB 4.17 does.  So I guess more recent versions do too.
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I've now installed gcc-20010122 to generate thumb-code and it works.
At debugging time (gdb 5.0)  there are some problems.

ARM-code compiled with  -c -g -O2 -mcpu=arm7tdmi -mthumb-interwork  and placed ad address (00100c50 g     F .text 00000014 MainApp)

int MainApp( void )
     for (;;)

Dump of assembler code for function MainApp:
    0x100c50 <MainApp>: mov r12, sp
    0x100c54 <MainApp+4>: stmdb sp!, {r11, r12, lr, pc}
    0x100c58 <MainApp+8>: sub r11, r12, #4 ; 0x4
    0x100c5c <MainApp+12>: bl 0x10143c <__thumb_func_from_arm>
    0x100c60 <MainApp+16>: b 0x100c5c <MainApp+12>
End of assembler dump.

Thumb-code compiled with  -c -g -O2 -mcpu=arm7tdmi -mthumb -mthumb-interwork and placed at address(00100ef4 g       .text 00000012 thumb_func)
void thumb_func(void)
 unsigned char channel;
     for(channel=0;channel < 4; channel ++);

Dump of assembler code for function thumb_func:
    0x100efc <thumb_func>: push {lr}
    0x100efe <thumb_func+2>: mov r3, #0
    0x100f00 <thumb_func+4>: add r3, #1
    0x100f02 <thumb_func+6>: lsl r3, r3, #24
    0x100f04 <thumb_func+8>: lsr r3, r3, #24
    0x100f06 <thumb_func+10>: cmp r3, #3
    0x100f08 <thumb_func+12>: bls 0x100f00 <thumb_func+4>
    0x100f0a <thumb_func+14>: pop {r0}
    0x100f0c <thumb_func+16>: bx r0
End of assembler dump.

If I begin a dubugging session with gdb there are no preblems if I never try to enter (step) in Thumb_func(),  if I do this gdb never comes bak.

My questions are:
-are the compilation flags the right one?
-can I'use a standard linker script or a midified one for interworking conde?
-where is the problem ?
-gdb automaticly swith betwen 16 and 32 bit code ?

tanks joel brenner

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