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Re: [aeb] Re: GNU toolchain and AEB

Jens-Christian Lache wrote:
> Hi Fernando! Thanks for the hint about the infinite recursion
> in symtab.c from gdb. Working fine now.

Thanks to Jim Ingham, who sent the patch.

> Lately we talked about
> the download speed of gdb to the aeb. I couldnīt find
> a logic or network analyser explicitly made for serial debugging.
> That means, the only choice would be to use a normal analyser.
> I would have to program it to make it recognize the serial protocol.
> This is too much work for me, I havenīt used an analyser yet.
I understand.

> I want tp play little with the timings of gdb. Maybe it is not waiting
> long enough when having issued the transfere rate switch.
> At which files should I look?

Well, this is ARM code talking to ARM code, you know.  The code that controls the
speed switching is in the gdb/rdi-share subdirectory.  Look for things that
refer to "ParamNegotiate" that is when this happens.  Also look for "LinkCheck",
this is the one you want to add a delay before sending (or a retry).

However, I am not sure if the board would be so slow in switching speeds.  It is 
supposed to do that immediately after sending GDB the speed it choose (from the
list of possible speeds GDB sent).  This should be faster than the decode by
the host of the message plus the setting of the host serial port speed plus the time
to prepare to send a LinkCheck.  At least the ARM protocol designers though so.

But maybe they were wrong (this board is not the best thing in the world anyway),
so it does worth a try.

Thanks for doing this.  It would be nice to see you post the solution to the
ARM AEB list =->

Fernando Nasser
Red Hat - Toronto                       E-Mail:
2323 Yonge Street, Suite #300
Toronto, Ontario   M4P 2C9

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