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Dejagnu caretaker


The top level MAINTAINERS file would suggest that the SID group have
laid claim to src/DEJAGNU, vis:

1.7          (fche     07-Dec-00): sid/, sid parts of cgen/, dejagnu/
1.7          (fche     07-Dec-00):      sid:
1.7          (fche     07-Dec-00):      Patches to

interesting there is also:

1.1          (cagney   03-Apr-00): expect/, dejagnu/,,
1.4          (cagney   27-Jul-00):, mpw-configure,
mpw-install, se, missing,
1.4          (cagney   27-Jul-00): makefile.vms, utils/, config/,
config.if, mak
efile.vms, missing,
1.4          (cagney   27-Jul-00): ylwrap, mkdep, etc/, install-sh,
1.1          (cagney   03-Apr-00):      ?

so I'm assuming that the intent was to indicate that SID have an active
interest in dejagnu.

The GDB group added that version of dejagnu to the binutils repository
when GDB was also incorporated.  Since then they have been acting as the
unofficial caretakers of that code (since the official code is
elsewhere).  If there is going to be something more formal established
then it would be appreciated if it was discussed first.  GDB testing is
seriously dependant on dejagnu and really needs a finger in that pie. 
GCC and binutils are probably not far behind in the queue.

I'll separate dejagnu from the SID categories.


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