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Re: embedded sh target

>>>>> "jtc" == J T Conklin <> writes:
jtc> I was trying to add the sh-elf target to those I build nightly, and
jtc> found that it isn't a embedded target but rather a linux target.  At
jtc> one time, I believe there was a sh-hms-coff target, but that appears
jtc> to have been removed.

It appears I was wrong here.  Since configure.tgt matches sh-*-*, both
the coff and elf targets use the same *.mt file.  While using one *.mt
file for embedded targets with different object files is common practice,
usually different patterns are used. 

jtc> It's odd, because includes sh3-rom.o, remote-e7000.o, etc. which
jtc> are embedded.  But it also includes solib.o and solib-svr4.o which
jtc> won't build unless you're on a linux host.

jtc> It appears to me that the sh-linux port needs to be separated from the
jtc> generic sh-elf port.

I'm readying a patch that creates an explicit embedded sh target.
Aside from renaming to, I'm leaving the gnu/linux
target alone.  I think that support for the SH3 ROM monitor, e7000
ICE, and perhaps the sh simulator can be removed, but I'll leave that
to a linux hacker to decide.

Because the linux target includes shared library support that includes
link.h, it does limit building GDB to linux hosts.  I'll leave that to
linux hackers to deal with as well.


J.T. Conklin
RedBack Networks

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