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Re: Proposal: convert function definitions to prototyped form

"J.T. Conklin" wrote:
> >>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Buettner <> writes:
> Kevin> I noticed that.  The space was put there by ``indent''.  I
> Kevin> would very much like to get rid of that space and it would be
> Kevin> easy to make the perl script postprocess the ``indent'' output.
> Kevin> But in doing so, we (obviously) generate different output than
> Kevin> that of ``indent''.
> Kevin>
> Kevin> I suppose the other solution is to fix indent.  :-)
> You can tell indent about all the types defined by typedef with -T
> option, and then it won't add the extra space.  It shouldn't be too
> difficult to identify all the types.
> It might be useful for us to maintain an file that has
> these definitions so that additional runs of indent don't add back
> the space.

I believe etags does a fairly good job a finding typedefs.  I would be a
fairly simple script to parse the TAGS file to make a list of all typedefs.  I
have a python script for this.  Not sure how ported etags and python are for
all the hosts that compile GDB though. 

- Eric Bachalo

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