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Re: [RFA] Make first and last lines of 'command help documentation' consistent.

On Wed, 2019-07-10 at 11:02 -0600, Tom Tromey wrote:
> Philippe> +  /* Checks that the documentation does not help with a new line.
> Philippe> +     If it does, output a special marker string that gdb.base/help.exp
> Philippe> +     will detect.  */
> Philippe> +  if (c->doc[strlen (c->doc) - 1] == '\n')
> Philippe> +    fprintf_filtered (stream, "END_OF_LINE@END_OF_DOC %s%s\n",
> Philippe> +		      prefix, c->name);
> I think this can't be an assertion, because user commands could hit it,
> and that seems too harsh; but could it be a unit test?  That might be
> better than printing something magic, especially since IIUC the user can
> end up seeing this stuff.
Effectively, the user can end up seeing this, but only if the GDB test
was not run and/or was not fixed.

> Philippe> +gdb_test_no_output \
> Philippe> +    "|apropos .| grep -e '\[^\.\]$' -e '^END_OF_LINE@END_OF_DOC '" \
> Philippe> +    "command help doc first line ends with a dot, doc does not end with eol"
> I'm not sure we can rely on having grep in the test suite.  If you
> switch the patch to a self-test, then this is moot; otherwise, is this
> used elsewhere?  I think a different approach is to write to a log file
> and then examine it with Tcl.  I believe some other tests do this.
The testsuite uses various unix commands such as mv/touch/grep/stty/...
But maybe these tests are all failing e.g. on windows ?

In any case, I will see if it is easy to do a selftest instead,
without duplicating too much of e.g. the recursive traversal of the commands,
maybe by adding a 'for_self_test' boolean arg to apropos_command ...

Thanks for the comments,


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