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Breakage on builder NetBSD-x86_64-m64, revision e6ed716cd5514c08b9d7c469d185b1aa177dbc22

Unfortunately it seems that there is a breakage on GDB.

Commit title: 'Migrate rest of compile commands to new options framework'
Revision: e6ed716cd5514c08b9d7c469d185b1aa177dbc22

You can find more details below:



Full Build URL:

Commit(s) tested:

Author(s) (in the same order as the commits):
	Pedro Alves <>

	Migrate rest of compile commands to new options framework

Testsuite log (gdb.sum and gdb.log) URL(s):

*** Failed to compiled GDB.  ***

+++ The full log is too big to be posted here.
+++ These are the last 100 lines of it.

  CXX    amd64-bsd-nat.o
  CXX    amd64-nat.o
  CXX    amd64-nbsd-nat.o
  CXX    amd64-nbsd-tdep.o
  CXX    amd64-tdep.o
  CXX    annotate.o
  CXX    arch-utils.o
  CXX    arch/amd64.o
  CXX    arch/i386.o
  CXX    auto-load.o
  CXX    auxv.o
  CXX    ax-gdb.o
  CXX    ax-general.o
  CXX    bcache.o
  CXX    bfd-target.o
  CXX    block.o
  CXX    blockframe.o
  CXX    break-catch-sig.o
  CXX    break-catch-syscall.o
  CXX    break-catch-throw.o
  CXX    breakpoint.o
  CXX    btrace.o
  CXX    build-id.o
  CXX    buildsym-legacy.o
  CXX    buildsym.o
  YACC   c-exp.c
/data/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build/gdb/../../binutils-gdb/gdb/c-exp.y: warning: 42 shift/reduce conflicts [-Wconflicts-sr]
/data/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build/gdb/../../binutils-gdb/gdb/c-exp.y: warning: 53 reduce/reduce conflicts [-Wconflicts-rr]
  CXX    c-exp.o
  CXX    c-lang.o
  CXX    c-typeprint.o
  CXX    c-valprint.o
  CXX    c-varobj.o
  CXX    charset.o
  CXX    cli-out.o
  CXX    cli/cli-cmds.o
  CXX    cli/cli-decode.o
  CXX    cli/cli-dump.o
  CXX    cli/cli-interp.o
  CXX    cli/cli-logging.o
  CXX    cli/cli-option.o
  CXX    cli/cli-script.o
  CXX    cli/cli-setshow.o
  CXX    cli/cli-style.o
  CXX    cli/cli-utils.o
  CXX    coff-pe-read.o
  CXX    coffread.o
  CXX    common/agent.o
  CXX    common/btrace-common.o
  CXX    common/buffer.o
  CXX    common/cleanups.o
  CXX    common/common-debug.o
  CXX    common/common-exceptions.o
  CXX    common/common-regcache.o
  CXX    common/common-utils.o
  CXX    common/environ.o
  CXX    common/errors.o
  CXX    common/fileio.o
  CXX    common/filestuff.o
  CXX    common/format.o
  CXX    common/gdb_tilde_expand.o
  CXX    common/gdb_vecs.o
  CXX    common/job-control.o
  CXX    common/netstuff.o
  CXX    common/new-op.o
  CXX    common/pathstuff.o
  CXX    common/posix-strerror.o
  CXX    common/print-utils.o
  CXX    common/ptid.o
  CXX    common/rsp-low.o
  CXX    common/run-time-clock.o
  CXX    common/scoped_mmap.o
  CXX    common/selftest.o
  CXX    common/signals-state-save-restore.o
  CXX    common/signals.o
  CXX    common/tdesc.o
  CXX    common/vec.o
  CXX    common/xml-utils.o
  CXX    compile/compile-c-support.o
  CXX    compile/compile-c-symbols.o
  CXX    compile/compile-c-types.o
  CXX    compile/compile-cplus-symbols.o
  CXX    compile/compile-cplus-types.o
  CXX    compile/compile-loc2c.o
  CXX    compile/compile-object-load.o
  CXX    compile/compile-object-run.o
  CXX    compile/compile.o
../../binutils-gdb/gdb/compile/compile.c: In function 'gdb::option::option_def_group make_compile_options_def_group(compile_options*)':
../../binutils-gdb/gdb/compile/compile.c:266:44: error: could not convert '(const gdb::option::option_def*)(& compile_command_option_defs)' from 'const gdb::option::option_def*' to 'gdb::array_view<const gdb::option::option_def>'
   return {compile_command_option_defs, opts};
Makefile:1643: recipe for target 'compile/compile.o' failed
gmake[2]: *** [compile/compile.o] Error 1
gmake[2]: Leaving directory '/data/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build/gdb'
Makefile:8810: recipe for target 'all-gdb' failed
gmake[1]: *** [all-gdb] Error 2
gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/data/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build'
Makefile:849: recipe for target 'all' failed
gmake: *** [all] Error 2

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