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Re: Ping: [PATCH v2] x86-64: fix ZMM register state tracking

On 2018-11-07 8:25 a.m., Jan Beulich wrote:
>>> So can I translate this into an ack for me to commit the change?
>>> Or else, who would be the one to give the go-ahead?
>> Simon can approve your patch.

If Markus is happy with the comments, it's all fine with me, please push (I see
you are listed in MAINTAINERS, so I assume you have push access).

>> IIRC Pedro had a question regarding gdbserver.  From a first look, it seems to get the
>> feature bits right but does not distinguish 32-bit and 64-bit mode regarding the number
>> of available registers.
> If there was a problem there, it was my understanding that this can
> (and should) be fixed in a separate patch, by someone able to test
> this.

Well, you are able to test it (see commands below) :).  But indeed, I think we
should push this patch, which already improves GDB.  It would be nice to at least
get an idea of the status of the test when ran with gdbserver.  Since access to
this hardware is quite limited, it would be appreciated if you could give it a
quick shot and report the results.

>> Did you run the new test you added also in remote configuration?
> No, and I also have no idea how I would go about doing so.


$ make check TESTS="gdb.arch/i386-avx512.exp" RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=native-gdbserver"
$ make check TESTS="gdb.arch/i386-avx512.exp" RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=native-extended-gdbserver"

in the gdb/ build directory.



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