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Re: GDB 8.1 branching 2017-12-18 update

> > Given that people are starting to go on holiday anyways, I don't think
> > there is much benefit in branching now, unless people want to start
> > pushing some changes they think might be better off post branch (I
> > have a patch series that adds support for fixed point types, for
> > instance), or if we would like to start stabilizing the branch now.
> > Personally, I suggest we postpone until next year.
> I hoped for the branch to be created soon, since my pile of patches
> that I intend to post/push post-branching is growing :).  But there's
> no rush, they can wait for next year. And there's no real point in
> posting patches just before the holidays, I don't really expect people
> to review patches while they are on vacation.

OK. Thanks for the feedback. Let's not wait too long after the start
of the new year before creating the new branch!

> > Aside from the above, we have the following issues known to be blocking
> > for release (but not branching():
> > 
> >   * [Pedro] gdb/22556
> >     Regression: gdb.threads/names.exp with
> > --target_board=native-gdbserver
> I fixed this one (I introduced the bug), I will close the PR.



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