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Re: [BuildBot] Notifications disabled for Debian-s390x-* and Fedora-ppc64*-* builders

On Fri, Dec 15 2017, David Edelsohn wrote:

> Reverting to an earlier revision of the DejaGNU Framework did not help.
> I also updated all of the packages installed on the Debian system,
> including the kernel, but the problem still remains.  make check is
> reporting a large number of timeouts in gdb.base and gdb.thread. At
> 300s per timeout, it adds up -- eventually to 9 hours.  Some of the
> log files are attached.

I can reproduce the hangs with native-gdbserver on s390x; at least for:


A bisect shows the culprit:;a=commit;h=c65d6b55

Before this commit I see many FAILs with these tests, but no hangs.
(The FAILs are due to lack of hardware watchpoint support for gdbserver
on s390.  At some time I had started a patch for that; maybe I should
revive it...)

Even knowing the first broken commit, I'm not sure yet what causes the
hangs.  I'll look more into that tomorrow.


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