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Re: [RFA] Use watchpoint's language when re-parsing expression

On 05/19/2017 02:51 PM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
>> Andreas> The docs say that gdb is supposed to support C style casts in every
>> Andreas> language.  Also, there is the {type} operator that is also supported in
>> Andreas> every language.
> [...]
>> Finally, I'm not at all certain that C-style casts or the {type}
>> operator can be added to the Rust expression parser without breaking
>> something else.  And, that seems like a complex request just to unbreak
>> what amount to an implementation detail.
> FWIW, I also never noticed this, and I share the concerns about
> making this a requirement for all languages. It really depends
> on the language itself whether it's easy to implement such feature,
> and I would hate for language parsers to be harder to maintain
> just so we can provide a bit of a C-centric view to every language
> we support.
> I vote for downgrading the requirement and amending the documentation
> instead.

I agree.  The patch LGTM.

Pedro Alves

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