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Re: GDB 7.99.91 MinGW compilation warning in tui.c

> > Did you push it to 8.0 branch?  I think we need it in 8.0 branch.
> I pushed it to master.  Is it really serious enough to have a Bugzilla
> report for it, have it listed on the wiki, etc.?

You only need that for the .1 (or any later release on that branch).
For the .0, it's OK to just push to the branch without any of the above.

Just to provide a reminder for those who haven't seen why we have
this procedure in place: It's to give users a way to assess the fixes
that were introduced between two minor releases on a given branch.
Eg: I have 8.0 installed on my machine, and today 8.1 just came out;
is there any point in me upgrading? For that, I would look at the
announcement, which would list all the PRs that were part of this
corrective release, look at the PRs that looks potentially interesting,
and would then be in a better position to decide. It also helps
me (as release manager) automatically generate the announcement for
the .1, making sure I don't miss some changes by accident.

For the .0, it's a major release, so the information we provide
about the release is coarser. I normally write a summary of
the NEWS file with a reference to it for more information. Also,
several contributors still decide that it's worth creating PRs
and then set the milestone to the correct release once fixed. This
gives more information about the specific problems they fixed.
But that part is optional at this point.


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