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Re: [PATCH] Move initialize_tdesc_mips* calls from mips-linux-nat.c to mips-linux-tdep.c

On Wed, 10 May 2017, Yao Qi wrote:

> >  Why?  These descriptions are only used in the native case, otherwise 
> > gdbserver supplies its own.  The current arrangement has worked for some 
> > 12 years now.
> Because I want these target descriptions be available in -tdep.c files
> so that I can test them without running the test on a mips-linux
> machine.
> Long story is I changed the output of "maint print c-tdesc", and I add a
> test to make sure these generated C files (by this command) is still
> equivalent to the xml files.  If it is not clear to you, I can include
> this patch in my whole patch series.

 Fair enough, although can you please add such details to the patch 
description (as it appears in the actual commit), so that also someone 
looking at it in several years' time have a chance to understand the 
change without the need to wade through mailing list archives?

 It is often the case that a change has to be understood long since it has 
been made and a clear description of the *intent* rather than just a terse 
ChangeLog entry or code modifications themselves is then invaluable, when 
the person who made it is no longer available to answer questions or may 
not remember anymore what exactly the change was about.

 If as you say this is a part of a set of changes, then I think it will be 
enough if you include such a description in the first change and then only 
refer to it by commit ID and heading from any subsequent changes, in 
addition to any change-specific details possibly required.


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