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Re: [RFC 6/7] Lazily and dynamically create i386-linux target descriptions

On 17-05-11 10:04:39, John Baldwin wrote:
> On Thursday, May 11, 2017 04:55:04 PM Yao Qi wrote:
> > Instead of using pre-generated target descriptions, this patch
> > changes GDB to lazily and dynamically create target descriptions
> > according to the target hardware capability (xcr0 in i386).
> > This support any combination of target features.
> > 
> > This patch also adds a unit test to make sure dynamically generated
> > tdesc are identical to these generated from xml files.
> I definitely like this approach of composing the tdesc.  For the
> non-Linux case there are already amd64_target_description() and
> i386_target_description() functions in the respective -tdep.c files
> that could use the same treatment.  Not sure if you wanted to fix all
> of x86 in the same patch series or do it as a separate followup?

The later, but I can fix all x86 in one patch if people think it is more
reasonable to do so.  I plan to change one arch each time, and gradually
change all archs to use the new style of target description.


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