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Re: [PATCH v4 00/12] btrace: Turn linked list of function call segments into vector

On 2017-05-10 07:47, Tim Wiederhake wrote:
Hi all,

this series removes the extra list of btrace function call segments in struct btrace_thread_info. To achieve this, the doubly linked list of function call
segments in struct btrace_thread_info is replaced by a std::vector.

V1 of this series can be found here:

V2 of this series can be found here:

V3 of this series can be found here:

Patches #1, #2 and #7 were LGTM'd by Simon.

Changes since V3:
* Patch #4: Replaced int with bool. Added comment that btrace_function::number
  is 1-based.
* Patch #5: Simplified btrace_insn_cmp.
* Patch #6: Split line that had an assignment as a side effect. Added missing
* Patch #9: Fixed patch title.
* Patch #10: Fixed patch title. Removed double assignment in ftrace_bridge_gaps. * Patch #11: Moved comment to patch #6. Replaced "for (const auto& foo: ..."
  with "for (const unsigned int foo: ...".
* Patch #12: Added missing ChangeLog. Put "static" before "const". Changed
  comment of ftrace_find_call_by_number.


Tim Wiederhake (12):
  btrace: Use std::vector in struct btrace_thread_information.
  btrace: Transfer ownership of pointers.
  btrace: Add btinfo to instruction interator.
  btrace: Use function segment index in call iterator.
  btrace: Use function segment index in insn iterator.
  btrace: Remove constant arguments.
  btrace: Remove struct btrace_thread_info::{begin,end}.
  btrace: Replace struct btrace_function::up.
  btrace: Remove struct btrace_function::flow.
  btrace: Replace struct btrace_function::segment.
  btrace: Remove bfun_s vector.
  btrace: Store function segments as objects.

gdb/btrace.c | 850 +++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
 gdb/btrace.h                  |  64 ++--
 gdb/python/py-record-btrace.c |  12 +-
 gdb/record-btrace.c           |  30 +-
 4 files changed, 465 insertions(+), 491 deletions(-)

AFAIC, this series is good to go, pending your response on the btrace_function initialization issue in patch #12.



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