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Re: [PATCH v3 11/12] btrace: Remove bfun_s vector.

On 2017-05-09 02:55, Tim Wiederhake wrote:
2017-05-09  Tim Wiederhake  <>


	* btrace.c: Remove typedef bfun_s.
	(ftrace_new_gap): Directly add gaps to the list of gaps.
	(btrace_bridge_gaps, btrace_compute_ftrace_bts, pt_btrace_insn_flags,
	ftrace_add_pt, btrace_compute_ftrace_pt, btrace_compute_ftrace_1,
	btrace_finalize_ftrace, btrace_compute_ftrace): Use std::vector
	instead of gdb VEC.

Looks good, just two nits.

@@ -527,15 +524,15 @@ ftrace_new_gap (struct btrace_thread_info
*btinfo, int errcode)

   bfun->errcode = errcode;
+  gaps.push_back (bfun->number);

   ftrace_debug (bfun, "new gap");

   return bfun;

-/* Update BFUN with respect to the instruction at PC. BTINFO is the branch - trace information for the current thread. This may create new function
-   segments.
+/* Update the current function segment at the end of the trace in BTINFO with + respect to the instruction at PC. This may create new function segments.
    Return the chronologically latest function segment, never NULL.  */

Ah here it is!  Please move it to the appropriate patch (#6 I believe).

@@ -978,16 +970,15 @@ btrace_bridge_gaps (struct thread_info *tp, VEC
(bfun_s) **gaps)
/* Let's try to bridge as many gaps as we can. In some cases, we need to
 	 skip a gap and revisit it again after we closed later gaps.  */
-      while (!VEC_empty (bfun_s, *gaps))
+      while (!gaps.empty ())
-	  struct btrace_function *gap;
-	  unsigned int idx;
-	  for (idx = 0; VEC_iterate (bfun_s, *gaps, idx, gap); ++idx)
+	  for (const auto& number : gaps)

If you don't intend to modify number (the value in the vector), I think it would be actually more efficient to not use a reference to iterate on ints.

Also, I agree with using auto when the type it replaces is visually scary, but in this case I think it would be as readable and more informative to use the actual type:

  for (unsigned int number : gaps)



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