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Re: [PATCH v3 06/12] btrace: Remove constant arguments.

On 2017-05-09 02:55, Tim Wiederhake wrote:
2017-05-09  Tim Wiederhake  <>


	* btrace.c (ftrace_new_function, ftrace_new_call, ftrace_new_tailcall,
	ftrace_new_return, ftrace_new_switch, ftrace_new_gap,
	ftrace_update_function): Remove arguments that implicitly were always
	(btrace_compute_ftrace_bts, ftrace_add_pt, btrace_compute_ftrace_pt):
	Don't pass BTINFO->END.

Looks good, just a few comments below.

diff --git a/gdb/btrace.c b/gdb/btrace.c
index cb30dcf..1bd11f0 100644
--- a/gdb/btrace.c
+++ b/gdb/btrace.c
@@ -202,19 +202,19 @@ ftrace_function_switched (const struct
btrace_function *bfun,
   return 0;

-/* Allocate and initialize a new branch trace function segment.
+/* Allocate and initialize a new branch trace function segment at the end of
+   the trace.
    BTINFO is the branch trace information for the current thread.
-   PREV is the chronologically preceding function segment.
MFUN and FUN are the symbol information we have for this function. */

 static struct btrace_function *
 ftrace_new_function (struct btrace_thread_info *btinfo,
-		     struct btrace_function *prev,
 		     struct minimal_symbol *mfun,
 		     struct symbol *fun)
-  struct btrace_function *bfun;
+  struct btrace_function *bfun, *prev;

+  prev = btinfo->end;

Note that we can now declare variables at the point we use it, and drop the struct keyword, like:

  btrace_function *prev = btinfo->end;

It's up to you, you can continue with your current style if you wish.

   bfun = XCNEW (struct btrace_function);

   bfun->msym = mfun;
@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ ftrace_new_function (struct btrace_thread_info *btinfo,

   btinfo->functions.push_back (bfun);
-  return bfun;
+  return btinfo->end = bfun;

Err I'm really not a fan of assignment as a side effect.

@@ -515,13 +510,13 @@ ftrace_new_gap (struct btrace_thread_info *btinfo,
    Return the chronologically latest function segment, never NULL.  */

 static struct btrace_function *
-ftrace_update_function (struct btrace_thread_info *btinfo,
-			struct btrace_function *bfun, CORE_ADDR pc)
+ftrace_update_function (struct btrace_thread_info *btinfo, CORE_ADDR pc)

The comment of this function would need to be updated as well.



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