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Re: [PATCH v6 1/5] tdesc: handle arbitrary strings in tdesc_register_in_reggroup_p

Stafford Horne <> writes:

> This change is to also allow returning true in the case that the register
> group was registered with gdb with reggroup_add().  This seems like
> something that will be generally required so it was added to the
> target-descriptions definition.  If you think not I can make it for
> openrisc only, but I think it makes more sense in tdesc.

Thanks for the explanation.

> This allows the command like, the below to return the registers for the
> named reggroup.
>   info reg system

Some bits are missing,

 - A test case, in which we can define some reggroups "foo" and test
   expected "foo" is shown in the output of "maintenance print
   reggroups".  You can add reggroups in gdb.xml/extra-regs.xml.

 - A test case with live inferior, get a list of support reggroups from
   the output of "maint print reggroups", pass each reggroup to "info
   reg $group", and test there is no error.

 - Document "info registers".
   doesn't document the usage "info reg GROUP".  We need to add it.

 - Add a news entry, because your patch adds a user visible change.

Yao (齐尧)

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