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Re: [PATCH v2 6/7] Add thread_handle_to_thread_info support for remote targets

On 2017-04-09 02:07, Kevin Buettner wrote:
This patch adds support to remote targets for converting a thread
handle to a thread_info struct pointer.

A thread handle is fetched via a "handle" attribute which has been
added to the qXfer:threads:read query packet.  An implementation is
provided in gdbserver for targets using the Linux kernel.


    	* linux-low.h (struct lwp_info): Add new field, thread_handle.
    	(thread_db_thread_handle): Declare.
    	* linux-low.c (linux_target_ops): Initialize thread_handle.
    	* server.c (handle_qxfer_threads_worker): Add support for
    	"handle" attribute.
    	* target.h (struct target_ops): Add new function pointer,
    	(target_thread_handle): Define.
    	* thread-db.c (find_one_thread, attach_thread): Set thread_handle
    	field in lwp.
    	(thread_db_thread_handle): New function.


    	* remote.c (vector): Include.
    	(struct private_thread_info): Add field, thread_handle.
    	(free_private_thread_info): Deallocate storage associated with
    	thread handle.
    	(get_private_info_thread): Initialize `thread_handle' field.
    	(struct thread_item): Add field, thread_handle.
    	(clear_threads_listing_context): Deallocate storage associated
    	with thread handle.
    	(start_thread): Add support for "handle" attribute.
    	(thread_attributes): Add "handle".
    	(remote_update_thread_list): Update thread_handle.
    	(remote_thread_handle_to_thread_info): New function.
    	(init_remote_ops): Initialize to_thread_handle_to_thread_info.

That looks good to me. I was a bit thrown off by the std::vector pointers in the remote structures, but I think it's a good trade-off until we make the structures apt to have non trivial fields.

diff --git a/gdb/gdbserver/target.h b/gdb/gdbserver/target.h
index 3cc2bc4..db8b8d7 100644
--- a/gdb/gdbserver/target.h
+++ b/gdb/gdbserver/target.h
@@ -474,6 +474,11 @@ struct target_ops

   /* Return tdesc index for IPA.  */
   int (*get_ipa_tdesc_idx) (void);
+  /* Thread ID to (numeric) thread handle: Return a non-zero status on
+ success, 0 for failure. Return pointer to thread handle via HANDLE
+     and the handle's length via HANDLE_LEN.  */
+ int (*thread_handle) (ptid_t ptid, gdb_byte **handle, int *handle_len);

Return a bool?

@@ -13505,6 +13533,29 @@ remote_execution_direction (struct target_ops *self)
   return rs->last_resume_exec_dir;

+/* Return pointer to the thread_info struct which corresponds to
+   THREAD_HANDLE (having length HANDLE_LEN).  */
+static struct thread_info *
+remote_thread_handle_to_thread_info (struct target_ops *ops,
+				     const gdb_byte *thread_handle,
+				     int handle_len)
+  enum bfd_endian byte_order = gdbarch_byte_order (target_gdbarch ());

byte_order is unused.

+  struct thread_info *tp;
+    {
+      struct private_thread_info *priv = get_private_info_thread (tp);
+      if (priv != NULL && handle_len == priv->thread_handle->size ()
+          && memcmp (thread_handle, priv->thread_handle->data (),
+	             handle_len) == 0)
+        return tp;
+    }
+  return NULL;



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