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Re: [PATCH] Introduce "gdb/configure.nat" (and delete "gdb/config/*/*.mh" files)

On 2017-05-02 15:28, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
+# Variables defined here:

Could you document (if you know it) what each variable does?

Sure.  Here's what I know what them.  What do you think?

# Variables defined here:
# NAT_FILE - The header file with definitions for this host

Looks good.

# NATDEPFILES - The depfiles to be compiled for this host

"depfiles" is not so clear I think.  Perhaps

  NATDEPFILES - Source files required for native debugging on this host.

# NAT_CDEPS - Dynamic symbols to be exported for libthread_db

Looks good.

# LOADLIBES - Libraries that will be linked against GDB for this host

Don't we usually say the reverse, the program is linked against the libraries?

  LOADLIBES - Libraries against which GDB will be linked for this host.

# MH_CFLAGS - Additional CFLAGS for this host

Looks good.

# XM_CLIBS - Host-dependent libs to be linked against GDB.

Same comment about "linked against".

# NAT_GENERATED_FILES - Generated files by this host

by -> for?

  NAT_GENERATED_FILES - Generated files for this host.


I just noticed that this variable is not defined in AC_SUBST's _TARGET twice, but not _HOST, so I think you confused them.

But to be honest, I am also completely confused by what those two variables do.

# NAT_EXTRA_FRAGS_FILE - Extra Makefile fragmentsFile containing extra fragments of Makefile
#                        that will be used by this host.

That could be shortened to

NAT_EXTRA_FRAGS_FILE - Extra Makefile fragments that will be used for this host.

Make sure they all end (or don't end) with a period, for consistency.

Perhaps someone could shed some light on the obscure variables names? What do the XM_ and MH_ prefixes stand for? What's the difference between XM_CLIBS and LOADLIBES (and why is it called "LIBES"?) ?

IMO, the interest of having all of this in a single file is to be able
to factor out common things.  A lot of NATDEPFILES are repeated Would
it be possible to have a switch on ${gdb_host} at the top level, and
specify all the files specific to OSes but machine-agnostic?  For
example, fork-child.o and inf-ptrace.o probably appear in all the
linux ports.

Fair point. I will address what you and Jon mentioned, and resubmit the
patch with the modifications.

Ok. But as John mentioned, it's probably better if this patch is a simple translation of what's already there, and any "optimization" coming in a subsequent patch. It will be easier to track the changes.



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