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GDB 8.0 branch 2017-05-02 status update


Time for another update. I think we're slowly getting there :).

The branch has been created, and we're just waiting for a couple
of issues to be resolved before we create the first pre-release.

The following issues are still open:

* record & btrace Python APIs revamp:

  Almost there. If all goes well, the changes will be backported
  to the branch on Wed. Thanks again to all those who worked together
  to make it happen.

* server/21169  GDBServer on ARM can crash the inferior while single stepping

        Partial (but good-enough for the release) has been posted
        and reviewed. New patch series to be submitted. Do we have
        a rough estimate of when we could expect the patch?

* build/21187 Static linking of libstdc++ and libgcc with GDB leads to broken exception handling on AIX platform

        I am no longer expecting that we'll get that patch in.
        Both David E and I tried to push for it, with no success.
        I think we'll have to hope for a fix on the compilation
        toolchain side.

In the "maybe" category if someone finds the time:

* PR gdb/21356 (value_contents_bits_eq internal_error in value.c)

        Not strictly a regression, but an internal-error nonetheless,
        and perhaps fairly easy to fix (missing check_typedef???)

I'll try to send an update soon-ish, depending on what's happening
with server/21169. In the meantime, please continue replying to
this message with updates. As mentioned in a previous post, this is
always very helpful.


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