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Re: GDB 8.0 release/branching update (10 more days to branching)

Hi Yao,

> Two issues in my mind,

Thanks for the heads up!

> I raised some questions on new record Python bindings,
> There is not test fail or regression, but it is about python api,
> which can't be changed after they are released.  I want to make
> them more general, they are too btrace specific so far.  This should
> be done by release, IMO.
> Current GDB mainline failed to build with old python, and Tim
> posted a patch
>  I requested Tim to add test case.

I've added those items to the list of "maybe" blocking before
branching. The first one in particular is worth having before,
I think, because we don't want to have people try a pre-release
with a different API, even if that would probably a marginal
portion of people.

The second one is mostly to avoid getting reports of this not working
when we already know. I could mention this as a known issue, but
it looks like we're not far from a resolution, so, might as well

> I'll go to Linaro Connect next week.  I still check emails, but should
> be less active.  I'll take some days off afterwards and back to work
> on March 16th.  Then, I'll seriously start pre-release tests for ARM
> and AArch64, and fix bugs if any.

It sounds to me like it would be worth waiting for that testing to be
done before we branch. Say - we could re-evaluate the situation on
March 20th...


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