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Re: MinGW compilation errors due to strcasecmp

> It was a minor build problem with the latest MinGW headers.  Do we
> really need this in the list of PRs?  What would it say? include
> correct headers to get prototypes of 2 obscure functions?

Yes, I think so. The purpose is to list the changes, and in particular
the fixes that a minor release brings. In your case, all it needs
to say is that it fixes a build issue on MinGW when using the latest
MinGW headers.

> In any case, can you please point me to the procedure that explains
> what should be done in this case?  I just spent 15 minutes looking for
> it on the wiki, but failed to find anything.  What did I miss?

You just need to go to the PR database on bugzilla:
  - Create an account if not already done;
  - Log in
  - Create a PR:
      * Subject (Eg): GDB 7.12 build failure with latest MinGW headers
      * Body (Eg): Copy-paste the error you got
  - Mark the PR as fixed in GDB 7.12.1:
      * Change the target milestone to 7.12.1
      * Change the status to fixed
      * Add a URL to the gdb-patches discussions where the fix
        was discussed and accepted

Thank you,

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