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Re: [PATCH] DWARF: Don't add nameless modules to partial symbol table.

On 21/10/2016 17:37, Yao Qi wrote:
Bernhard Heckel <> writes:

A name for BLOCK DATA in Fortran is optional. If no
name has been assigned, GDB will crash during read-in of DWARF
when BLOCK DATA is represented via DW_TAG_module.
BLOCK DATA is used for one-time initialization of
non-pointer variables in named common blocks.
I compiled your test case block-data.f, but there is no DW_TAG_module in
debug info.  It has DW_TAG_common_block.  IOW, I run block-data.exp
without your fix in dwarf2read.c, there is no crash in GDB.  My gfotran
is 4.9.3.

It happen when compiled with Ifort. I attached a dump of the debug info, line 80+ is important.

Do you want me to send you an executable as reproducer?
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