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Re: [PATCH] New function value_has_address

Pedro Alves wrote:

> The value printing routines want to pass around a value address,
> but since we actually pass the value pointer around nowadays too,
> I think that parameter could be eliminated, and the result is
> likely to be that value_address ends up called is much fewer
> places where it doesn't really make sense.

Agreed.  I've done a quick check, and it seems except from
recursively passing around the address value throughout
the printing routines, there only a small number of actual
uses of the address parameter:

- print_unpacked_pointer, where we actually want to show that
  address to the user

- cp_print_value routines (and similar code in p-valprint),
  where we want to load the contents of the superclass
  surrounding the current subclass from memory

- Ada needs the address to call resolve_dynamic_type

- The extension language printer (guile, python), where we
  want to create a subobject value at the embedded offset

- A few more places in Ada also want to create the subobject
  value at the embedded offset

I think for the first three, we should simply check right
at the place where it is needed whether the original value
has an address in inferior memory, and if not, just fail.

For the cases where the subobject value is needed, I think
we should provide a generic helper to compute the location
at the embedded offset from the original value's location,
depending on the location type.  (And in those cases where
this may not be possible, just default to unknown location.)

B.t.w. the valaddr parameter likewise seems to be redundant
now and probably ought to be eliminated as well.


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU/Linux compilers and toolchain

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