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Re: C++11 (abridged version)

On 10/20/2016 08:37 PM, Yao Qi wrote:
> Hi Pedro,
> I kept silence on the discussion in the past several weeks, because
> I don't know much on C++.  I can't think of any reason we should
> block C++ 11 transition.  I've got "C++ Primer, fifth edition" on my
> desk.  It covers C++ 11 :)
> It is a right thing to move to C++ 11.  However, we need to think
> about the priority of each work.  We still have bugs to fix, new features
> to add, patches to review.  They are very important in the short term,
> next release, for example.  We can't afford several months doing code
> conversion without any real development and bug fixes.  Code
> conversion should be a background task, running along with development
> and bug fixes for some years.

Definitely agreed.  Myself I've been spending more time on it
than I can really afford.  My idea in the past weeks was to
plant the seed for others to come in and help (e.g., the
std::string patches and the gdb::unique_ptr patches).  I had
no idea getting that done would take this long...

Pedro Alves

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