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Re: C++11 (abridged version)

>>>>> "Luis" == Luis Machado <> writes:

Luis> It would be great if people manifesting their opinions offlist would
Luis> do so through the list. After all, this is an upstream project and
Luis> opinions from everyone are appreciated. Otherwise it feels like you
Luis> are making this decision based on your own opinion of the matter. We
Luis> never saw any of the several people that got in touch with you
Luis> directly. :-)

I try to limit my exposure to the list.

C++11 is a major improvement.  There are already existing patches that
it simplifies.  So I am in favor it; however I think a valid reason to
defer the transition would be if there is an active user base for whom
it would be unduly difficult to upgrade.  There are some weasel words in
there because I think some judgment must be involved.

Luis> As long as we have a sane codebase that makes contributions easier for
Luis> everyone (instead of getting in the way with cryptic smarts and
Luis> trickery simply to reduce code size), it should be good. Compilers are
Luis> doing a better job these days anyway, and making code as compact as
Luis> possible, though pleasing in some nerdy way, may not yield real
Luis> benefit in the end. It may actually be harder to follow.

I think the cases in question aren't of the form "shorter code is more
pleasing" but of the form "move the maintenance burden to the C++
library".  The former is aesthetic, but the latter means less work


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