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Re: [PATCH] Delete target_so_ops->special_symbol_handling hook

I think I've written this patch more than once in the past
and never posted it.  :-)

Definitely OK.  Please push.

> gdb/ChangeLog
> 	* solist.h (struct target_so_ops): Delete special_symbol_handling hook.
> 	* solib.c (solib_add, reload_shared_libraries): Adjust.
> 	* solib-aix.c (solib_aix_special_symbol_handling): Delete
> 	  (_initialize_solib_aix): Adjust

Note "(_initialize_" should be aligned with a single tab, under
the previous line's '*'.  Same below.

> 	* solib-darwin.c (darwin_special_symbol_handling): Delete
> 	  (_initialize_darwin_solib): Adjust
> 	* solib-dsbt.c (dsbt_special_symbol_handling): Delete
> 	  (_initialize_dsbt_solib): Adjust
> 	* solib-frv.c (frv_special_symbol_handling): Delete
> 	  (_initialize_frv_solib): Adjust
> 	* solib-svr4.c (svr4_special_symbol_handling): Delete
> 	  (_initialize_svr4_solib): Adjust
> 	* solib-target.c (solib_target_special_symbol_handling): Delete
> 	  (_initialize_solib_target): Adjust

Pedro Alves

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