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Re: [PATCH V4 5/6] Resolve dynamic target types of pointers.

On 17/10/2016 14:18, Bernhard Heckel wrote:
On 17/10/2016 13:24, Bernhard Heckel wrote:
On 17/10/2016 12:32, Yao Qi wrote:
Bernhard Heckel <> writes:

+set test "print intap, not associated"
+gdb_test_multiple "print intap" $test {
+ -re " = \\(PTR TO -> \\( $int \\(:,:\\)\\)\\) <not
associated>\r\n$gdb_prompt $" {
+    pass $test
+  }
+  -re " = <not associated>\r\n$gdb_prompt $" {
+    pass $test
+  }
Why do we need to different regex here? Need to handle the differences
of different compilers?  IMO, the former looks reasonable to me.
A pointer to an array (especially to Variable Length Array, VLA) is
described in Gfortran's  compiled debug info
like normal array types + associated property of an pointer.
Could you show the debug information gfortran and ifort generates

see attachment

Not sure if this is a bug in Gfortran or not? I was also thinking to
make the
output equal, and check if an array has pointer attributes but ..... I
don't really like this approach. This would
cause a lot of "if .. else" construct in the code for example:
De-reference this pointer, Address operator, ...
If gfortran people confirm it is a bug, we can xfail the test.

I just looked again in the specification. It is not a bug.
FORTRAN specification ( mention this as "array pointer"
Any comments on this?

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