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Re: [PATCH v2 21/31] Use ui_file_as_string in gdb/compile/

The doc for get_new_file_names should probably be updated:

/* Compute the names of source and object files to use.  The names are
   allocated by malloc and should be freed by the caller.  */

 static void
-get_new_file_names (char **source_file, char **object_file)
+get_new_file_names (std::string *source_file, std::string *object_file)

Same for compile_to_object, both for the "freeing" part and the part that talks about the return value.

We should use $other_language instead of C++, to be able to do

  source_filep, object_filep = compile_to_object (...)


Btw, would it be good to use references for those strings?

    error condition, error () is called.  The caller is responsible for
    freeing both strings.  */

-static char *
+static void
 compile_to_object (struct command_line *cmd, const char *cmd_string,
 		   enum compile_i_scope_types scope,
-		   char **source_filep)
+		   std::string *source_filep,
+		   std::string *object_filep)


@@ -609,30 +606,27 @@ void
eval_compile_command (struct command_line *cmd, const char *cmd_string,
 		      enum compile_i_scope_types scope, void *scope_data)
-  char *object_file, *source_file;
+  std::string source_file, object_file;

- object_file = compile_to_object (cmd, cmd_string, scope, &source_file);
-  if (object_file != NULL)
+ compile_to_object (cmd, cmd_string, scope, &source_file, &object_file);
+  if (!object_file.empty ())

Can this actually happen?

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