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Re: Fix gdb 7.12 C++ compilation on Solaris

On 10/19/2016 12:53 PM, Rainer Orth wrote:

> Besides, given that GCC 4.9 was the last version to support Solaris 9,
> one might consider deprecating/removing anything before Solaris 10 in
> gdb, too.

That's be fine with me, but then again, I don't really use
Solaris at all.  :-)

> I'll see if I can find some spare cycles to clean procfs.c and friends
> up: there are tons of opportunities with anything but Solaris gone as
> clients of that file and a couple related ones.
>> FYI, AFAIK, no GDB maintainer cares for/tests on Solaris
>> routinely nowadays.
> Neither do I: just whenever a new gdb or binutils release arrives, I
> give them a try.  I'm way behind even on Solaris/gcc maintenance, so I
> fear there's not much I can do about gdb on that front.  However,
> there's a couple of Solaris patches for gdb 7.11 here:
> Perhaps the authors can be motivated to contribute them upstream as they
> obviously intended ;-)

Indeed.  (That page is not opening for me, server seems slow, can't see
what the patches are about.)

>>> Still ok for mainline?
>> Still OK.
> Thanks.  I'll commit as soon as I've sorted some problem with hg-git
> out: plain git is completely unusable for me.


(FYI, we don't just put the ChangeLog entry in the commit log
like gcc does.  If you include the description of the problem as you
had in the email in the git commit log, that'd be great.)

> What about the 7.12 branch backport with the PR now filed?

You just need to cherry pick the fix to the gdb-7.12-branch branch
and push it.  Just leave the atof call in place under !__cplusplus
in the branch version, like you had in the original version, in case
that was really necessary on some host.

Pedro Alves

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