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Buildslaves and C++11 support

On 10/17/2016 02:51 PM, Pedro Alves wrote:

> I'd like to get this in soon to unblock Tromey's C++ series, and more.
> We can move along with the C++11 discussion / plan in parallel.
> Any objections?
> I'll be more than happy to remove this when we finally make C++11 a
> requirement.  But I don't want to rush that.  We should make sure that
> the buildbot's buildslaves are ready, for example.

A small update here.

I plan to use the new trybot support to test a patch
that forces the C++11 requirement, to determine which
buildbots don't have a recent enough compiler yet.  Also
chatting with Sergio about getting this info written
down and visible on the buildbot web frontend or extracted
systematically out of the builds, to avoid this "in the dark"

The Debian buildslave was one I knew was old enough to not have
recent enough gcc for full C++11 support.  It was running Debian
Wheezy, which comes with gcc 4.4 OOTB.  After a little digging,
I found at [1] that it's easy to install Jessie's gcc 4.9
packages on Wheezy:

 This leaves the original GCC,G++ in place. If you wish to compile with
 the 4.9 version, then either set the CC and CXX env vars accordingly or
 invoke the compilers as gcc-4.9 or g++-4.9 explicitly.

I pointed Mark Wielaard, the buildslave owner, at this, and he
instead upgraded the machine to Debian Jessie instead over the
weekend.  :-)  Many thanks Mark.  One down, $N to go.

[1] -

Pedro Alves

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