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Re: [PATCH 1/3] Introduce gdb::unique_ptr

On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 14:03:06 +0200, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> That may all be true, but changing the system compiler is still a
> serious decision, unrelated to distribution and/or update speeds, and
> not always even in the hands of the user who wants to build his or her
> GDB which was just released.
> The nuisance of having to upgrade half of your system just because you
> want to have one package of the latest release is real for users who
> need to do during most of their day something other than debug build
> failures and install updated dependencies.  I was hoping we didn't
> want to increase those annoyances.

GCC 4.8.1 has been released in May 2013 so any Linux distributions with at
least annual releases already have it.  The only exception are LTS

{RHEL,CentOS}-5.0: gcc-4.1.1-52.el5
  But there is Developer Toolset 2.1 compatible with RHEL-5 which provides:
  DevToolset 2.1 is still available in RHN channel for RHEL-5 customers.
  Unfortunately it is currently unavailable for CentOS-5 users, hopefully it
  will become available soon on this URL but I sure cannot guarantee anything:

{RHEL,CentOS}-6.0: gcc-4.4.4-13.el6
  There is DevToolset available in RHN channel and for CentOS it is freely at:

{RHEL,CentOS}-7.0: gcc-4.8.2-16.el7

Debian stable: = 4:4.9.2-2

Ubuntu LTSes:
  12.04LTS = 4:4.6.3-1ubuntu5
    I am not aware of anything like DevToolset for Ubuntu.
  14.04LTS = 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu6

DevToolset is an add-on packaging in /opt/rh/ running independently from
system GCC producing binaries compatible even with RHELs without DevToolset.
Therefore there is no need of "changing the system compiler" or "upgrade half
of your system" to compile C++11 there.

As Pedro said the C++11 requirement is becoming common among other packages so
it is probable one needs to install DevToolset anyway.

Then there are systems without package management - like MS-Windows - where
all the recent compilers are available installable into separate


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