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Re: [RFA 21/22] Convert DWARF expr functions to methods

On 09/27/2016 05:08 AM, Tom Tromey wrote:
> This converts various DWARF expr functions to be members on
> dwarf_expr_context, then fixes up the various users.  This results in
> somewhat less wordy code and sets the stage for the next patch.
> 2016-09-26  Tom Tromey  <>
> 	* dwarf2loc.c (per_cu_dwarf_call)
> 	(dwarf_expr_push_dwarf_reg_entry_value)
> 	(dwarf2_evaluate_loc_desc_full, dwarf2_locexpr_baton_eval)
> 	(needs_dwarf_reg_entry_value)
> 	(dwarf2_loc_desc_get_symbol_read_needs): Update.
> 	* dwarf2expr.h (dwarf_expr_context) <push_address, eval, fetch,
> 	fetch_address, fetch_in_stack_memory, address_type, grow_stack,
> 	push, stack_empty_p, add_piece, get_base_type, execute_stack_op,
> 	pop>: New method declarations.
> 	(dwarf_expr_push_address, dwarf_expr_eval, dwarf_expr_fetch)
> 	(dwarf_expr_fetch_address, dwarf_expr_fetch_in_stack_memory):
> 	Don't declare.
> 	* dwarf2expr.c (address_type, grow_stack, push, push_address)
> 	(pop, fetch, fetch_address, fetch_in_stack_memory)
> 	(stack_empty_p, add_piece, eval, get_base_type)
> 	(execute_stack_op): Rename.  Turn into methods.
> 	* dwarf2-frame.c (execute_stack_op): Update.


Pedro Alves

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